Underground Collection

This collection has been CREATED COMPLETELY from SCRATCH. Light weight, oven baked, polymer clay . . that has been cut, stamped, carved, painted, retouched, glossed, glued, sanitized, packaged, and ready to be worn with PRIDE, PEACE, and LOVE!! Nish mixes and matches 3 simple letters to everyday color patterns


Why the "UNDERGROUND" Collection ?!? 

This collection was in fact inspired by the artist's love and passion for the Underground Railroad. During the mid-19th era the "Underground Railroad" was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States during the Civil War (Blight, 2004). Hence the inspiration behind these Jules are you can be who you are, wear what you feel, love what you love, and not fit the mold! Art doesn't met your eye it mets your soul (EVERY PIECE is only made ONCE)

The meaning of this collection is to lower our voices our MINDs and HEARTs and become ONE.   

~Meaning: some pain, fear, joy, sorrow, happiness, etc. . . cannot be described, but it can be SEEN, WORE, and STYLED to MATCH your EVERY DAY ENERGY,  STATEMENT, and MOOD



Blight, David W. (2004). Passages to Freedom: The Underground Railroad in History and Memory. Smithsonsian Books.